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How to prepare UK DVLA D1

Open up the document
Complete and deliver the UK DVLA D1 on-line as opposed to printing and mailing papers via postal services. Click Get Form to start.
Full the form
Now, you should give information needed in the template. Always double-check the info from the template before submitting it.
File the sample electronically
Click DONE to save edits and select the preferred delivering solution or get back to it later - the sample will be held in your account.

About UK DVLA D1

You have to download the form from the website. DLA D1 form must be submitted online, no paper documents will be accepted for this process. Send the DLA D1 form to the address provided on the official website before the due date. DLA D1 Form — Application for a Driving License Rate (4. 7 / 5) 27 votes Send this form online, just click on “Apply” and then the DLA D1 form you are filing. No need to wait! To find out how long to stay in the UK, see: You have to make sure you do not exceed the 185-day limit every year. You must fill the form online, no faxes or faxes will be accepted in this application process. Send the DLA D1 form to the address provided on the official website before the due date. No need to wait! How to download and submit DLA D1 form Rate (4. 7 / 5) 21 votes You can download and submit the DLA D1 form within your browser. Follow the instructions provided. Follow steps 1 and 2. Download your DLA D1 online as an attachment. Fill it in as it shows on the form. There is no need to write anything down. If you're not sure about what you're doing, you're free to email us the original document from the official website. You can send it as an attachment to the support team of the UK DLA. Submit the form online to be approved. You must wait for at least 8 days before you can start with filling the forms. If you have lost your personal details, be sure to use a new form if you start filling it up. You can download your DLA D1 form as an attachment. Fill it in as it shows on the form. There is no need to write anything down. It doesn't matter if you filled it up on the original website or by other means. If you send the original document from the official website, no problem, it will be accepted. Attach the original document from the official website to the form. Email and then follow steps 3 and 4. How to find the latest DLA D1 information Rate (4. 7 / 5) 28 votes Find DLA D1 information on the official website. Get the latest DLA D1 information on the official website.

What is the DVLA D1 form?

A driving license is a special entitlement for operating vehicles which can also be a valid document for verifying an individual’s identity. If you’re a UK citizen or a GB resident who spends more than 185 days yearly in the country, you should contact the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency and submit an application form D1 DVLA to get a driving license, to update and/or renew it.


Find several situations below when it’s relevant to fill it out:

  1. when you’re learning to drive and need to receive a provisional (temporary) license for operating a car, a moped, or a motorbike;
  2. when you need to replace or renew a photo in your document (including those who reached 70+ years of age);
  3. if you’ve changed your name or permanent residential address.


Note: the procedure related to your permanent home address differs for residents of Northern Ireland.


In case of any of the above situations, it’s highly important to notify the authorities and complete an application online or with a paper blank. You can request one from your post office. Failing to report changes to your personal data can lead to a fine of up to 1,000 GBP.

Important information to add to your application form D1 DVLA

  1. Your personal details: full name, date of birth, current and prior residential address, if changed;
  2. Information about your eyesight and any health conditions;
  3. The type of license you’re applying for and details about your previous one;
  4. Identification documents numbers.


You can find an online D1 form example and easily fill it out on our website. Complete the sample, insert your photo, add your legally-binding e-signature, and then print it or email it to the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency right from the platform. You can check out more information regarding the application process and fees on gov.uk.


Online technologies help you to organize your document administration and boost the productivity of your workflow. Follow the brief information to be able to fill out UK DVLA D1, avoid errors and furnish it in a timely manner:

How to fill out a dvla d1 form?

  1. On the website with the blank, click on Start Now and go towards the editor.

  2. Use the clues to fill out the pertinent fields.

  3. Include your personal data and contact data.

  4. Make certain that you enter true information and numbers in correct fields.

  5. Carefully check out the information of your document as well as grammar and spelling.

  6. Refer to Help section when you have any concerns or contact our Support team.

  7. Put an digital signature on your UK DVLA D1 printable with the help of Sign Tool.

  8. Once document is finished, press Done.

  9. Distribute the prepared blank by way of email or fax, print it out or save on your device.

PDF editor will allow you to make adjustments to the UK DVLA D1 Fill Online from any internet connected device, customise it based on your needs, sign it electronically and distribute in several means.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing d1 application form

Common Mistakes

Accepting the incorrect Social Security Number
Failing to sign your form
Mailing your blank to the incorrect address
Neglecting the time frame
Failing to create a copy of authorized form

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d1 form dvla - FAQ

Which form should I fill in if I need to change my driving licence from an EU to a UK one, D1 or D9 form?
If you currently have a Cat C or C+E or D D1. D1 +E or a D + E or. Lorries and buses you will need to fill in a D9. For all other licences you need a D1. Also to drive C and D vehicles professionally you should be in possession of a Blue Drivers card to show you have current CPC training.
How can I lookup for my UK driving licence without going to DVLA?
I don’t think you can. If you’ve lost it, you need to declare it lost and ask for a replacement. This is important because someone could use your licence fraudulently to steal your identity. You’d then have a whole load of horrible work proving that you weren’t responsible for things done in your name.Go to Welcome to GOV.UK and search "driving licence". That should return the maximum number of results and looking through them you may find what you need.If you need a new licence, it’s really easy to do online, particularly if you have a valid passport. My ten years are up, so I’ve just applied for a new photocard licence to last another ten years. OK, it may be harder if you’ve lost your licence but I think DVLA are doing everything to make keeping your licence valid easy.
Do I need a (DVLA) V5C document to sell a car to someone who wants to export it out of the UK?
Yes you need it.First, most people won’t buy a car without the V5. However the V5 isn’t proof of ownership and a simple handwritten receipt is legally fine to transfer ownership.However, you need to send off your bit of the V5 in order that you don’t get all the paring and speeding fines, etc.. The police will have very little sympathy if you say “It wasn’t me, I sold the car” and haven’t sent off your bit of the form. You will end up wearing any points and/or fines.Apply for a replacement form before you sell the car.
How do I go about importing an American Van to the UK? Is it easy to switch it to DVLA for road use?
Pretty simple. You go through the physical act of shipping it to the UK. You may have to pay “£x” import duty - depends on the value of the vehicle. You then advise the DVLA that you wish to register an imported vehicle - there may be “£x” excise duty payable. Before you can use the vehicle on the road, it will have to pass an MOT test: this will be done on the vin number if you’ve not been allocated a registration number (likely a “Q” plate). Details like complying with UK regulations regarding lights and emissions will need to be attended to.
My lorry/bus driving licence was suspended 3 years ago due to brain injury. Now the prognosis is good, so I just want to find out if the consultant is responsible to send an update over to the DVLA (UK)?
I’ll quote DVLA letter dated 3 years ago: “We have received medical information as part of this enquiry that tells us you have a liability to seizures having suffered a traumatic brain injury, so you must not drive. We would only be able to consider a re-application from you for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) driving licence when you can provide medical evidence from your doctor/consultant to confirm that your liability to seizures has reduced to 2% per annum or less. You will then be subject to satisfactory medical reports”.So recently I have had a follow-up appointment (after an MRI which came back OK) with Neurologist and everything turned out OK and prognosis was good so I was greenlighted to get my lorry/bus driving licence back. I contacted DVLA and been told that it was a doctor himself who needs to send a prognosis letter over to DVLA, yet a doctor claimed it is not his responsibility. I got confused here but I believe that doctor provided misleading information in this case. Any advice here please? Thank you.
Can you write to the DVLA in the UK and state that they are not allowed to give out my details to anyone without either a court order or my written authorisation?
Sure: it’s a free country, do what you like. However, your letter would be an incorrect statement of the law, and they would either ignore it, or send you a polite form letter back with a copy of their personal information charter.Check out The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2022. regulation 27.The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002The Secretary of State for Transport, via the DVLA, is empowered to reveal the information in the vehicle register to several different bodies, including the police, Customs and Excise, local authorities, and:any person who can show to the satisfaction of the Secretary of State that he has reasonable cause for wanting the particulars to be made available to himThat would include private parking companies, or even private litigants.‘Reasonable cause• is defined by the DVLA as situations relating to:motoring incidents with driver or keeper liability. These can include matters of road safety, events occurring as a consequence of vehicle use, the enforcement of road traffic legislation and the collection of taxes.They give several examples, and a motorist parking on private land in breach of the owner’s terms and conditions is specifically listed as a case where it would be considered reasonable to give out the owner details of the vehicle in question.https://assets.publishing.servic...Tl,dr: you can’t use data protection legislation to get away with either crimes or civil torts.
What time period do you have in which to do the theoretical exam for the DVLA in the UK?
It’s been a while since I took the driving theory test, but I think I had 30 minutes to complete it. I finished it in a little over 4 minutes.However the test is now longer, and includes a hazard perception section comprising video clips, so that obviously takes longer. I believe it lasts 45 mins. It’s now computerised, with touchscreens for answering, and you get your result before you leave the testing centre (paper-based when I did it, and the result was posted out to me).I believe the pass result allows you to complete the practical test within two years, which is unchanged from my time.
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