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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Provisional license

Instructions and Help about Provisional license

I got the one today is your boy eat right guy and I'm back with another video and for this video I want to dedicate it to all my new Dietetic interns that have just started your internship or about to start two internship in the near future cuz it's already August and I know some of y'all are nervous about the internship some of y'all may even be excited or both but it's not gonna be that bad and it's gonna fly by very fast trust me and so with this video topic I want to discuss what happens after your internship before you're able to take the Rd exam because like in my situation I was offered a job right after my internship before I became a dietitian so what are you doing that situation do you kind of just tell that employer to hold your job until you take your Rd exam or what happens if you're having a hard time passing the Rd exam and you have job offers waiting for you are you kind of just in a standstill or can you accept that job as a dietician before you have to art the exam these are the questions that I'm going to answer in this video so to kind of answer those two questions you can take those jobs without being an RD the key is to get a provisional license if you live in a state that requires a license to work as a registered dietitian nutritionist and pretty much what a provisional license is it is a kind of a temporary license to allow you to work as a dietitian under a super dietician s licensed alright so there's three basic requirements to get a provisional license one you need a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics from a university or college that's accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics number two you need to have completed your Dietetic internship and number three you need a job as a dietitian already and so this may throw a lot of y'all off saying and thinking what do you mean I need a job already yes you cannot get a provisional license unless you're already hired as a dietitian but I'm gonna discuss that a little more in depth later on in this video so with that being said let's say that you meet all three of those basic requirements now let's look at the specific documents that you will need to apply for this license alright so the first document that you will need are your official transcript from the universities or colleges that you attended you mainly want the ones from the colleges that you went to or the cops that you went to that you got your bachelor's degree from and so now it's a lot easy to obtain those official transcript if you just go on your University's website and pull that up you need the official one.


I have created an algorithm faster than binary search. How can I use this for my benefit?
Well, I’m really sad to state this here but no, you haven’t!Risking to sound a little rude I strongly advise you that before making such claims you should look yourself on a mirror and ask this:“Why me?” “Why if no one in all human history has ever found such amazing solution I’m the one and only one to achieve it?” “Am I a notorious genius?” “Have I dedicated my entire life to pursue this problem and have used the best of human knowledge and technology?”If you doubt yourself on any of those questions then it is highly probably you’re wrong.Now, I’m making things easier for you: It is impossible, plain and simple as that. If you like algorithms, which it seems you do, you must loved math, in such cases, you must trust them, trust them enough as to undoubtedly belief what a theorem means, what a proof means.Computational complexity theory is the field of computers sciences that analyzes computational problems and its complexity from a problem perspective. Meaning that if a problem is proven to have a lower bound of T(n), then there doesn’t exist, nor will ever exists, an algorithm that will ever solve that problem on less that complexity. Whether the algorithm is incorrect or its complexity is incorrect.Well, long story short, it is proven that for any unsorted list, its lower bound is Ω(n). Similarly, for any sorted list, its lower bound is Ω(logn). And because a list can be sorted or unsorted, it is impossible for anyone to find a lower bound.(20.2. Lower Bounds on Searching Lists)
How long after I fill out a non provisional patent application, will my product be safe to market?
Never, but don't be afraid.By "safe" I assume that you mean a combination of your ability to make the product free of claims of infringement, your ability to exclude other from using it and your ability to prevent others from patenting the same thing.  I also assume that you are filing in the United States.  If not, this answer may not fit.Don't worry about copyists.It is true that people are free to make copies of your product today, tomorrow and every day in the future until the patent issues.  I think a supermajority of my clients worry that as soon as their idea escapes their lips everyone will start copying it.  Yet, that virtually never happens.  Why?If you sell your product widely (assuming it's unique and people want it) then you will sell at the highest price the market is willing to pay at the quantity which corresponds to the best per unit profit.  If someone else wants to come into the market the quantity will increase and the price will fall (that is the law of demand).  The second mover will have to consider whether it is profitable to sell at this new lower price, not whether it is profitable to sell at your monopolist price.  If this new price is below its cost curve, the second mover will not enter the marketplace.  Until an economy of scale is reached, no one will want to enter the marketplace."But what about really big companies," most clients who have never worked for a big company ask, "can't they make my product for much less than me?"  Yes, but they won't.  Here, the problem isn't variable cost, but rather that new products are only viable if they are able to cover their share of the massive overhead large companies have.  If the contribution margin is less than 40% (it probably is) they will pass.  Inventors often confuse copying with independent inventorship.  The former requires a transmission of your invention to the copyist, which the copyist then copies.  This is like a copy machine.  Independent inventorship occurs when two people are trying to solve the same problem at the same time.  It is still rare that this occurs, but it does happen.  In my last thousand cases I have seen one instance of copying and maybe half a dozen cases of independent inventorship.  This is not something to worry about.You can't do anything about infringementA patent is a right to exclude, not a right to make and use your invention.  If a portion of your device is covered by another patent, you may be infringing that patent even though you have a patent on your own device.Let's say you  have a patent on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and that you are going to a patent infringement picnic.  You see the following:A peanut butter sandwich - no jelly no infringement.A peanut butter, jelly and ice cream sandwich - you find this impressive, and you speak to the assignee to learn that it has patent on this sandwich.  Nonetheless, it still infringes because there is peanut butter, jelly and sandwich.Filing and publishing your application with thwart a subsequent or simultaneous inventorA patent requires novelty and non-obvious over that which currently exists.  Novelty means that you cannot patent something that is available to the public.  Non-obvious prevents you from patenting something that is not available to the public but the public could figure out how to make your product given what is available and the skill in your field.Publishing your application creates a searchable prior art reference for a patent examiner to easily reject a later filed application.  Of course, the sales I advised you to make above could do the same thing, but the patent examiner may not have access to those and you might have a situation where the subsequent filer gets a patent that is not enforceable.Publication carries risk as well (most notably making life easier for copyists).  To figure out the best system to handle these risks requires a much more detailed assessment of your business.  If you PM me I can try to help you.
What is the best way to quickly get your drivers liscense?
You mention that you’re in Washington, DC so my questions are designed to be relevant for that area.There are two very different processes depending on if you’re a teen or an adult.If you’re an adult, it’s fairly straightforward. You must fill out a license application, meet certain qualifications (have no outstanding debts to the state and reside permanently in Washington DC), prproof of identity, take and pass a vision test and a written knowledge test, and pay the appropriate fees. Once you pass the knowledge test, you will be given a learner’s permit and may schedule your road skills test. Once you pass the road skills test, you can get your driver’s license. If you know how to drive and can study for the written test quickly, this process could take just a few weeks.However, if you’re a teen, you must abide by the Gradual Rearing of Adult Drivers (GRAD) program. You must be 16 years old, turn in a license form, proof of identity, proof of parental permission, pass a vision and written knowledge test, and pay the appropriate fees. You then receive a learner’s permit. You must then complete 40 hours of supervised driving with a licensed driver over the age of 25. After completing these hours, holding your permit for six months with no traffic violations, and reaching the age of at least 16.5, you may take your road skills test to receive a provisional license. This is a driver’s license, simply with a few extra rules for younger drivers (such as the hours you may drive and how many passengers you may have in your car). Once you have this provisional license for at least six months, complete 10 hours of night-time driving training, and have 12 months without a traffic violation, then you can receive your full driver’s license.So, how long will it take for you to be able to drive by yourself in a car?ADULT (over 18): A few weeks, plus any necessary studying timeTEEN (16 to 18): 6 months, plus any necessary studying time (six months of holding your permit to get your provisional license)The biggest difference in how fast you can get a license is how well you study for your tests. If you pass them on the first try, then it will be much faster to get your license. You can find practice tests, to prepare for the written knowledge test, here and the driver’s handbook for DC to read or download to PDF here.Good luck!
Do I have to fill out an Application Data sheet for a provisional patent? Can I submit it later?
An ADS isn’t needed for a provisional patent application. You should fill out for SB/16, a provisional cover sheet and submit it with your application. Otherwise the intake people will send you a message for an incomplete submission and charge you extra money to fix it. Here’s a link to the USPTO’s forms page: https://www.uspto.gov/sites/defa... . If you have a digital certificate with the USPTO you can fill this form out online using the EFS Web (this is the preferred method, less likelihood of errors). If you need instructions on how to fill out the form, visit: Forms For Patent Applications Filed On Or After September 16, 2022 and search for SB/16. It has the link above for the form and a link for the instructions. Good luck.
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