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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Provisional license

Instructions and Help about Provisional license

I got the one today is your boy eat right guy and I'm back with another video and for this video I want to dedicate it to all my new Dietetic interns that have just started your internship or about to start two internship in the near future cuz it's already August and I know some of y'all are nervous about the internship some of y'all may even be excited or both but it's not gonna be that bad and it's gonna fly by very fast trust me and so with this video topic I want to discuss what happens after your internship before you're able to take the Rd exam because like in my situation I was offered a job right after my internship before I became a dietitian so what are you doing that situation do you kind of just tell that employer to hold your job until you take your Rd exam or what happens if you're having a hard time passing the Rd exam and you have job offers waiting for you are you kind of just in a standstill or can you accept that job as a dietician before you have to art the exam these are the questions that I'm going to answer in this video so to kind of answer those two questions you can take those jobs without being an RD the key is to get a provisional license if you live in a state that requires a license to work as a registered dietitian nutritionist and pretty much what a provisional license is it is a kind of a temporary license to allow you to work as a dietitian under a super dietician s licensed alright so there's three basic requirements to get a provisional license one you need a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics from a university or college that's accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics number two you need to have completed your Dietetic internship and number three you need a job as a dietitian already and so this may throw a lot of y'all off saying and thinking what do you mean I need a job already yes you cannot get a provisional license unless you're already hired as a dietitian but I'm gonna discuss that a little more in depth later on in this video so with that being said let's say that you meet all three of those basic requirements now let's look at the specific documents that you will need to apply for this license alright so the first document that you will need are your official transcript from the universities or colleges that you attended you mainly want the ones from the colleges that you went to or the cops that you went to that you got your bachelor's degree from and so now it's a lot easy to obtain those official transcript if you just go on your University's website and pull that up you need the official one.

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