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Driver licensing Form: What You Should Know

NOTICE: You do not need a State of Hawaii driver license to receive or use transportation services. Hawaii DL or ID Required for Transportation Service for Individuals Drivers with DLS or IDs must: NOTIFY THE TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES THAT THEY HAVE A DRIVER'S LICENSE OR ID. HAWAII IS A NONVOTING STATE AND DOES NOT GRANT ADMINISTRATIVE POWER TO ANY POLITICAL OR GOVERNMENT AGENCY OR EMPLOYEES. NOTIFY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES THAT THEY HAVE REQUESTED AN ORIGINAL ID ALONG WITH THEIR DL OR ID BEFORE THE END OF JANUARY 2011. NOTIFY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES THAT THEY HAVE REQUESTED AN EXCISE PERMIT. NOTIFY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES THAT THEY HAVE A DRIVER'S LICENSE OR ID. Include your state ID or valid DL when: You drive for yourself, your family or to deliver a message or other material, and you do not get a message with a fare. No DL is required for travel between Hawaii and other states where you do not reside. Traveling across state lines with a valid DL for the length of the trip and with you own vehicle. Traveling across state lines with a DL or valid DL without you own vehicle and driving a vehicle that is owned by you or your family member. NOTE: If you do not own a motor vehicle, you do not qualify for this exemption. NOTIFY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES THAT YOU HAVE A LICENSE. NOTIFY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITIES THAT YOU HAVE A DL OR ID. TRAINING ON DISREGARD. DUI/DRUNKEN Driving While Impaired — California DMV A Driver who appears at a DMV field office under the influence of alcohol or drugs may face up to six months in jail and a 1,000 fine if convicted. Notices You do not need a California Driver's License or ID Card to purchase and receive transportation services to or from any public transit or the Golden Gate Transit System. For more information on transportation services on Golden Gate Transit System, go to: . Notify an agency of an unauthorized transaction.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Driver licensing

Instructions and Help about Driver licensing

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