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How can I lookup for my UK driving licence without going to DVLA?
I don’t think you can. If you’ve lost it, you need to declare it lost and ask for a replacement. This is important because someone could use your licence fraudulently to steal your identity. You’d then have a whole load of horrible work proving that you weren’t responsible for things done in your name.Go to Welcome to GOV.UK and search "driving licence". That should return the maximum number of results and looking through them you may find what you need.If you need a new licence, it’s really easy to do online, particularly if you have a valid passport. My ten years are up, so I’ve just applied for a new photocard licence to last another ten years. OK, it may be harder if you’ve lost your licence but I think DVLA are doing everything to make keeping your licence valid easy.
My lorry/bus driving licence was suspended 3 years ago due to brain injury. Now the prognosis is good, so I just want to find out if the consultant is responsible to send an update over to the DVLA (UK)?
I’ll quote DVLA letter dated 3 years ago: “We have received medical information as part of this enquiry that tells us you have a liability to seizures having suffered a traumatic brain injury, so you must not drive. We would only be able to consider a re-application from you for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) driving licence when you can prmedical evidence from your doctor/consultant to confirm that your liability to seizures has reduced to 2% per annum or less. You will then be subject to satisfactory medical reports”.So recently I have had a follow-up appointment (after an MRI which came back OK) with Neurologist and everything turned out OK and prognosis was good so I was greenlighted to get my lorry/bus driving licence back. I contacted DVLA and been told that it was a doctor himself who needs to send a prognosis letter over to DVLA, yet a doctor claimed it is not his responsibility. I got confused here but I believe that doctor provided misleading information in this case. Any advice here please? Thank you.
How is my driving licence printed out?
your license is generally printed on a dedicated photo or other laminate printer which embeds certain security features in the document. You will not be able to replicate this at home.
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